Kebijakan pribadi

1. General

Protecting your personal data in using our platform is our responsibility. We exclusively process data based on the legal regulations. The information below will let you know about the different processes that involve the use of your data and the rights and entitlements that you deserve under data protection guidelines.

We are always willing to discuss any complaints, questions, and suggestions that concern data protection.

We process data that are disclosed to us by you and the data that are collected as you use our website.

If this Privacy Policy is presented by the Operator in a language other than English, the translation was arranged by an independent specialist translator with ISO certification 17100:2015 and is further proofread by at least one expert translator. If there is any dispute, the court will honor the English-language contract text and it is the only language in the text that shall be valid. It is prohibited to have a retranslation of the already translated version and use it for any dispute.

2. Personal data that you disclose are processed as follows:

2.1 Data processing in relation to the act of contacting us:
If you contact us either by email or telephone, we will process your data in order for us todeal with your inquiry and perform the pre-contractual measures or to establish the fulfillment of the contract.

2.2 Processing of data in relation to the business relationship.
Your data will be processed for us to fulfill a contractual relationship that has a legal basis in relation to the formation of a business relationship. Your data is used so that we can formally deal our business transactions and in the processing of the sales of services.

There is a legal basis in fulfilling a contractual relationship especially in the transmission of the pertinent data that you provide. Furthermore, the transmission is then carried out to the following recipients: legal representatives, banks, company accountants/auditors, tax advisers, the courts, expert administrative authorities, business partners, and insurance companies.

2.3 Data processing in relation to direct marketing purposes:
We process your data based on the consent or your legitimate interest of initiating a transaction that concerns our offer of delivering our services. Your interest may be the result from our active sending of messages that informs you about our services, promos, and other information that encompasses the range of our services.

Likewise the transmission of the pertinent data in any case is solely based on your consent.

3. Your personal data that we receive from your using of our website is processed as follows:

3.1 Server Logs
We do not ask for personal data while you are using our website. Our web server, however, will collect data that are transmitted as your Internet Browser connects with us. It may include your IP address, date, time, request, file requested, amount of data transferred, whether the request was successful, browser identification data, OS, and the website where our website was linked if you access our website through a link.

The legal basis by which your data is processed is based on our valid interest in maintaining system and data security, technical management of the website, and in the optimization of our service quality.

The data collected will be submitted to the authorities should there be any instances of a hacking attack. Transmission to third parties is forbidden and the server logs are stored for only up to three months.

3.2 Cookies
Our website uses cookies to help us improve your user experience upon using the website. Cookies are tiny text files that our website leaves on your computer so that it can recognize it. These cookies may contain information regarding the way you use the website. It may store information about your individual selections so you can retrieve them as you leave a page then decide to come back to it at a later time. Cookies are also used in creating non-personalized statistics. Since cookies are almost instantly accepted by most web browsers, it is your responsibility to prevent this automation and manually change the browser settings. You may also manually remove stored cookies in your browser by deleting the temporary internet files.

Data processing in relation to the use of cookies is processed based on your consent.

In order to tailor our website according to your interests, we also use Google Analytics in the processing of the data generated while you are using our website. Google Analytics uses cookies in the analysis of your data.

A Google server in the USA receives and stores the information from the cookies generated when you used our website. IP anonymization will be used so that your IP address will be shortened by Google. Only in exceptional cases will it be allowed to have your full IP address be sent to Google’s server.

Your IP address will not be combined with other data gathered by Google. You have the option to prevent storage of cookies from your browser. You must be aware that refusing to store cookies will still allow you to use our website.